About Us
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About Us


COO’s Greeting

We, HUBIT Co., Ltd., have designed and produced various and advanced dental products with excellent know-how and accumulated experience in the biomaterials, dental materials and medical equipment.


We have supplied the highest quality products, the most efficient clinical technologies and the best service with the orthodontic specialist and continuous R&D in the dental industry and dedicate our efforts to the human dental health and happiness with exclusive manufacturing technology and offering of state-of-the-art products.

We must continually assess how each and every action we take benefits the customers. Our company makes every effort to be the best company in this field and have constantly been seeking a better way to help and take care of a higher-level field. We must ensure that all of our customers feel rewarded for their loyalty and gratifies by our business relationship.


We are passionately dedicated at every level of our organization to maintaining our position of industry leadership. We are always striving to help you achieve the highest standard of clinical excellence each and every day.


Thank you