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Chois Lingual Bracket

ㆍ Prescription ROTH
ㆍ Slot Size
ㆍ Material Metal (Stainless Steel, etc)
ㆍ Details – 7*7 design
– Full straight ligual wire system (No bending needed)
occlusal slot : 0.18 X 0.18 / gingival slot : 0.18 X 0.18 / gingival outer slot : 0.28 X 0.22
Advantages of CLB

ㆍUses preformed straight arch wire

ㆍEnable three-dimentional tooth movement

ㆍPermits the use of elastic o-ring

ㆍLow profile, reduces patient’s discomfort, easier use of different sizes of wires

– Active main arch wire to Gingival Slot
– Passive holding arch wire to Occlusal slot
Pre-formed Lingual Arch wire
Chois lingual O-Ring
Chois Lingual O-ring has an oval shape contour by reducing the mesio distal width of inner circle by 42% (1.2mm -> 0.7mm) and thickness of the ring was reduced by 14% (0.7mm -> 0.6mm) for easier ligation and
tight fitness
Chois Power Chain
Chois power chain keeps the same contour and thickness as Chois Lingual O-ring, reduces the inter-ring distance to 42% (1.2mm – 0.7mm) to contract upper and lower anterior.