Machined surface
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Machined surface


Machined surface


ㆍ Diameter ⌀1.2, ⌀1.4, ⌀1.6, ⌀1.8
ㆍ Length(mm) 6,8,10
ㆍ Material Titanium
ㆍ Details – 15-30% iimproved on fracture proof
– Osstem Implant manufactured
Half etched surface
20% pulling off proofed than others
Higher fracture resistance
15~30% improved than other’s screws
→ implant without mechanical failure
Soft and easy to insertion, better initial anchorage force
e-Screw kit

ㆍRPM Control : 3 times faster than maual implant

15 ~ 60 RPM speed variation

*controlled with every 15rpm

ㆍTorque control : 5 ~ 35 Ncm

Easy insertion by Wireless moter dirver

ㆍSimply access even palate or retromolar pad area by special designed head

Through Hole Head
Small Head
Simple Head
Bracket Head
Non Sterilized
Half etched
Kit Tools